Opinion: NUFC takeover or Christmas – which one will come first?

A Saudi-based consortium, led by Amanda Staveley, has been in the process of taking over Newcastle United for some time now but there still hasn’t been a successful takeover.

Fans of Newcastle United have been keen to see the back of Mike Ashley after 13, grueling, years controlling their club. In the back end of 2019, a consortium led by Staveley, was in talks with Ashley to take over the club before the takeover rumors became public knowledge in the early months of 2020.

As with any club takeover in the premier league, the new potential owners, directors and officers will be subjected to a ‘Owners and Directors Test.’ This will ensure the new owners exceed the standards required under the law, so the governing bodies & new owners can protect the image and the reputation of the game.

However, NUFC have been in this phase since late-April. Understandably, the owners & directors tests will take some time to ensure thorough checks have been made and approved.

I may not be the die-hard football fan I once was, due to finding other interests in different sports, but this takeover feels like it’s dragging on forever. It’s borderline boring now.

As hopeful as I am that a takeover will finally see the end of Ashley’s tenure at Newcastle, the longer it takes, the less hopeful I become. I’m concerned that the takeover has fallen through once again and we just don’t know about it yet. I could be wrong.

However, until that time, I’m probably having more fun spinning around on my chair waiting for Christmas to arrive than waiting to hear the news that a takeover has been successful. Trust me, I’m contemplating the possibility that Santa Claus will place my presents under my Christmas tree quicker than this takeover.

I guess, we are just going to twindle our thumbs for the time being while we wait, but Christmas may arrive before then.

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