George Russell secures the unoffical formula one Esports championship

George Russell secured his fourth consecutive virtual Grand Prix to secure the unofficial Formula one championship in a dominating performance.

Russell flew off the starting line after lights out, going into the first corner with no issues with the following carnage.

Mixed strategies regarding the virtual Canadian GP, two-stop for drivers on soft compound tyres and one stop for those on mediums.

This will be the last virtual GP as the official Formula One world championship finally starts on July 3 since Coronavirus stopped sports worldwide.

Williams one-two in the third lap after Russell flew around the track after, Red Bull driver, Alexander Albon made a mistake heading into the first turn of the track. This prompted an opportunity that Nicholas Latifi and Esteban Guiterrez, in the Mercedes outfitcouldn’t give up, snatching second and third place. However, this second place was short-lived for the Canadian as he ended up in the ‘Wall of Champions’ after the last chicane.

Former F1 driver, Anthony Davidson has joined Latifi in colliding with the Wall of Champions after Benjamin Daly (Tiametmarduk) made contact with the F1 presenter, spinning him round to face oncoming traffic.

On lap 15, talking to his real teammate Latifi as he led by a five-second margain, Russell said:

“What is going on behind me?”

Callum Illott, racing as the Ferrari outfit, made an attempt on Latifi – forcing the williams driver to make contact with the wall in the last chicane as we approached the final third of the race. However, as the Canadian further defended his position in ninth the Alpha Tauri driver, Pierre Gasly (in the teams former Toro Rosso outfit) secured an opportunity to steal 10th away from Illott in the first corner of the new lap.

Gasly, was the first driver to be disqualified from the virtual GP on lap 26, due to excessive track violations.

In a dominating performance, Russell secured a win without a single timed penalty to his name.

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