Sheffield United – Against all odds

The premier league is set to return this week but one team has gone against all odds and predictions this season – Sheffield United.

When a team is promoted into the Premier League from the Championship, you would likely think they have to face a season-long relegation battle to survive inside the top-tier of English football.

However, the Blades have gone and exceeded expectations as they sit in seventh with 43 points going into their game against Aston Villa on Wednesday. This position in the league is also one spot away from a place in the Europa League, due to Manchester City’s two-year Champions League ban.

On the other hand, former Championship rivals, Norwich City and Aston Villa, who were also promoted into the league, along side Sheffield, are facing a battle for survival as Villa is in 19th while Norwich is in 20th.

By being in this position, they have beaten predictions given by football pundits and publications who expected the South Yorkshire squad to be in the bottom three with Newcastle United – even predicting the side to be at the foot of the table.

This is the Blades first appearance in the Premier League since the squad was relegated in the 2006/7 season where they finished 18th. Now, if they can come up into the league and clench a Europa League place, as a freshly promoted squad, what else could they achieve? a place in the Champions League? the Premier League trophy? or could they steal a place inside the Big Six?

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