Review: Long Road to Mercy

David Baldacci is an American, best selling, author, known for his books such as ‘Memory Man’ and ‘Camel Club.’ However, Long Road to Mercy was the first book he had written with a female lead character, Atlee Pine.

Focused around Pine, an FBI agent stationed in the southwest area of the United States of America, surrounding the Grand Canyon. This third-person narrative is able to develop the character very well within the opening chapters before the book really gets going.

The one aspect of TV shows, movies and books that is a pet-peev of mine is when they give away the last plot twist early on. For example, there may be a authoritative figure in the beginning and, if it is a thriller like this, you could expect that they have a bigger involvement within the main plot, potentially being the mastermind behind everything. You could be right and you could be wrong.

I was like this during the opening chapters of this book, due to Pines emotional backstory being told – Mercy, Pines twin sister, being kidnapped by the books serial killer Daniel James Tor, I was expecting something to be related to this moment later on in the book. I was disappointed that my hunch didn’t come true, but I guess that is the art of storytelling.

I normally read books from Chris Ryan, an ex-SAS soilder who is now a famous author. However, changing it up to read some Baldacci books was definitely a change of scenery and a great investment.

It was nice to read a book which involved a female character taking the lead role. After reading this, I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy crime thrillers.

I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store for Pine, a new book is due to be released later on this year. However, before I purchase the next installment, I will have to wait until I complete the second story in the Pine series: A Minute to Midnight.

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