Opinion: Boris Johnson – A questionable leadership

For a while now, I have tried to reason with Boris Johnson’s plan as the government tries to get the country back to normality – albeit with restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, I feel like I can no longer stand by quietly.

At first, his plan seemed reasonable. Slowly open up the country to stop the economy from bleeding. The key word being slowly.

However, it seems since the President of the United States is rushing to get his countries economy back up – most likely to give him an edge in the upcoming presidential election, Johnson feels like he needs to do the same.

As if it’s a matter of ego to show the world their country can bounce back effectively from a devastating virus.

Credit: Shutterstock

But, to me, it seems the Prime Minister is opening the majority of services which will charge VAT on the consumer. Ultimately, this decision will benefit businesses (in the increase of customers) and the government (income of taxes) concurrently, like a double edged sword. If a struggling business is able to make money, the government will be holding out their hand to collect part of the revenue generated.

Gyms and pubs were supposed to reopen on July 4, but only pubs were allowed to open. This decision boggles my mind every time I think of our current situation. Comparing the two together, gyms were and have been a lot more cleaner than pubs even before the global pandemic.

Whenever you used machines within a gym you were always encouraged to sanitize the station down for the next user. Whereas, when you got into a pub before the pandemic – if you were unfortunate enough – you sat down at a table where you would have thought a child ran a glue stick over the table, feeling like you have to pry your pint glass from the furniture.

The drunk and disorderly. The minority of drinkers who cannot control themselves are, and always will be, the biggest risk when reopening pubs. Fights will break out and, now, people will break social distancing guidelines. London provided the perfect example of this, a street in Soho circled around social media with a ram packed street on the night of pubs reopening.

The late night drinkers looked to be within the new one-metre distance from each other.

The problem with this whole ordeal is we have the perfect template to follow, the Spanish Flu of 1918. It was shown that easing restrictions too early can, and most likely will, result in higher cases and potentially a deadlier outcome from the virus. Something that could be completely avoided.

I am 95% sure that a second spike will occur, it’s just a matter of time. If it unfortunately happens, I hope the government will own up to making a mistake in opening up the country too early.

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