Hungarian F2 Feature Race: the alternate strategy provided the best strategy

Robert Shwartzman, Prema, was on the alternate strategy compared to other drivers on the grid but it proved to be the best strategy for the Ferrari academy driver.

Callum Ilott, Uni-Virtuosi, got a good start when the lights went out while the remaining drivers fought for position behind him as they neatly went around the first corner. However, it was after the first lap when the full safety car was brought into force after Roy Nissany, Trident, locked up and slammed into his teammate, Marino Sato, which broke the front left tyre of Nissany’s F2 car. Ultimately, this retired both cars.

Christian Lungaard, ART, collided with the Hitech driver, Luca Ghiotto, as they travelled up into turn four, which resulted in a puncture for the ART driver. However, due to the slow speed of Lungaard, BWT HWA Racelab’s driver, Artem Markelov, was the third driver to retire which resulted in the second full safety car. This was after he collided with the ART driver, Markus Armstrong, who tried to avoid his slower teammate, which sent Markelov into the barrier at turn five. Both ART cars were forced to pit for new tyres and front wings after the collision.

Credit: Formula One

Both ART’s were forced to retire on lap 11, as Armstrong was the first back into the pits followed by Lungaard after he reported gearbox issues with his car.

Mick Schumacher, Prema, on lap 18 finally got to overtake Ilott after he kept close to him on the lap prior. Helped by DRS on the main straight, Schumacher was able to fire ahead of the British F2 driver before turn one.

This gain in track position held the possibility for a race win.

Sean Gelael, Dams, paid a visit into the pits on lap 20 as the mechanics looked to figure out a solution for the car’s issue which developed. He was finally released back onto the track, but he was one lap behind the race leader, Shwartzman, who still had to pit.

As Shwartzman came in for his mandatory pit stop, as the race had 10 laps to go and the Prema driver changed to the fresh soft compound tyres, and he became a threatening force for the drivers ahead in the dying laps of the feature race. However, on the way out of the pit lane, he locked up as he entered the braking zone of turn one and lost third place to Ghiotto, likely down to cold tyres.

Shwartzman was on a mission as seven laps remained on the F2 Hungarian feature race as he overtook Ghiotto and Ilott on lap 29 as he moved up from fourth to second. He caught up to his teammate, Schumacher, by the end of the following lap where he used DRS to his advantage to regain the race lead.

Guanyu Zhou, Uni-Virtousi, sent Louis Deletraz, Charouz, briefly off the track as he tried to steal sixth place. However, the Chinese driver defended the move on the outside and made contact with Swiss driver, which pushed the Swiss driver off the tarmac.

Mazepin, who was also on the alternate strategy (medium-to-soft), managed to overtake Ghiotto late on in the race, who was on worn mediums, to get up into the podium position. Shortly, Schumacher followed the same fate as the Hitech driver on the following lap as Mazepin overtook the German driver as they approached turn four.

On the alternate strategy, Shwartzman secured the race win on lap 37, followed by Mazepin and Schumacher respectively.

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