24 years ago today: Alan Shearer signed for Newcastle United

It was on this day, 24 years ago, Alan Shearer signed for his hometown club, Newcastle United, under the ruling of Kevin Keegan in 1996.

After growing up in Newcastle, the Tyneside striker went on to play a brief stint at Southampton from 1988 to 1992, in the English First Division, where he played in both the U18’s and senior squads. However, he was promoted into the senior squad in his first year at the club. During this short stint, he was able to score eight goals and create one assist in 25 games for the Saints.

It wasn’t long until the Geordie had attracted some attention as he was signed on for Blackburn Rovers in 1992. With 148 games under his belt for the Blue and Whites, he was able to get 114 goals past goalkeepers with two assists to his name in his four year term.

In 1996, Shearer became the world’s – then – record-breaking transfer in that years summer as he was signed onto Newcastle United for £15 million, where he would spend the rest of his professional football career.

During his time on Tyneside, Shearer played 378 games for the Toon and scored an impressive 183 goals, with 24 assists. One thing became clear: whenever the lace’s of Shearer’s boot made contact with the football, you could be sure it was most likely going to go on target.

To this day, some of Shearer’s records – despite not playing the sport for 14 years – still stands up against the likes of Harry Kane or Jamie Vardy.

Here are some of the Geordie’s Premier League records:

  • Top all-time PL goalscorer – 260 goals
  • Most goals in a season – 34 (tied with Andrew Cole – NUFC)
  • Most goals in a single match – 5 (tied with Cole, Sergio Aguero, Dimitar Berbatov and Jermaine Defoe)
  • Most goals inside the box – 227
  • Most penalties scored – 56

In the end, after his retirement in 2006, the Tynesider has been able to remain in football – after a miserable managerial career, as a regular pundit and presenter on the BBC’s Match of the Day.

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