San Antonio Spurs 108 v Memphis Grizzlies 106: Spurring towards the play-offs

In the fourth game night after the NBA’s coronavirus suspension, San Antonio Spurs took a dominating victory in their game against Memphis Grizzlies.


Memphis won the tip off to start the game against San Antonio. However, they weren’t able to convert any points from the game’s first piece of possession as Jonas Valaciunas wasn’t able to generate anything from the lay-up.

In the first timeout of the game, Spurs were threatening from mid-range as they were able to secure a number of 3’s to give them a slight lead through the first half of the quarter. However, Grizzlies were more effective within the paint, predominantly from Valaciunas.

As the dying minutes approached, San Antonio were the more dominant team in the first quarter as they managed to slip through holes in the Memphis defense to push out a steady lead. Despite this, the Grizzlies were able to stay on the heels of Spurs as they were five points behind the Texas-based side with a minute left. However, a late 3-point buzzer-beater from Spurs pushed out their lead further.

End of Q1: Spurs 31 – Grizzlies 25


After a shaky start from the Grizzlies, as they caused two fouls early on against Spurs – who had the ball possession, they were able to catch up to San Antonio. In terms of points, both teams seemed to bounce over each other. With under 10 minutes to go, the Memphis regained the lead before the Texas-based side managed to regain the lead.

Through the second quarter, both teams seemed to struggle to make as many points as they could. On the other hand, they both looked good defensively. However, they weren’t able to carry on the momentum, into their offensive plays, to really take charge of the game.

Furthermore, as the second quarter came closer to an end, San Antonio seemed to finally get into their stride as they pushed out a five point lead over Memphis as three minutes remained on the clock.

End of Q2: Spurs 59 v Grizzlies 54


In the first third of Q3, after half time, Grizzlies struggled to stop Spurs from scoring points as they managed to gain a 10-point lead over Memphis. Bad shot selections plagued the Tennessee squad opportunities to claw back as many points as they could possibly gain, while Spurs seemed to hit their targets with ease.

At the half way point of the third quarter, Memphis’ Power Forward, Jared Jackson was the highest scoring player in for the Tennessee side with 13 points to his name. On the other hand, the top point scorer of the game – to this point – was Spurs’ Shooting Guard, Derrick White, who had 15 points as we approached the fourth quarter.

End of Q3: Spurs 85 v Grizzlies 76


Continuing on from the previous quarter, Memphis still seemed to struggle to make their shots stick with bad shot selections, rim rejections or defensive rebounds. On the other hand, San Antonio were able to slot in 3’s and shots in the paint to push out their impressive lead.

Across the game, Memphis lacked in both their defensive and offensive abilities.

Defensively, San Antonio were able to make three-point shots with ease, sometimes unmarked. At the same time, they seemed to find gaps the Tennessee defense easily and took full advantage of the opportunities they had.

Offensively, the Grizzlies often missed lay-ups or floaters. Despite this, Memphis had managed to crawl back some points to get as close as two points in an attempt to tie up with San Antonio. However, Spurs provided another three-point shot to push away their opponents effort.

Spurs’ Point Guard, Dejounte Murray, made the Texas squad centenarians as we crept over into the final quarter of Q4. Jared Jackson followed in the footsteps of Murray as he took Memphis over the century mark with a three-pointer, to stay on the heels of San Antonio.

17.6 seconds were left on the clock of the fourth quarter as three points separated the two sides. However, Jackson was able to make an impressive turn and shoot after a Memphis timeout to tie up the scoreline. However, after two successful free throws, with one second to spare, saw San Antonio come out victorious.

End of Q4: Spurs 108 v Grizzlies 106

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