Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Season five

Credit: Game Informer

Call of Duty has had it’s fresh reset, as everyone who was max rank or heading towards top rank have been demoted back down to level 55 as season five gets underway.

The update, which came with a whopping size of 33GB on PlayStation 4, 49GB on Xbox One and 54GB on PC, arrived earlier on this week with new maps, a new operator and new updates for Warzone – this years Battle Royale.

New maps

Let’s start with the multiplayer maps first – Team deathmatch, domination, gunfight etc.

Petrov Oil Rig

Credit: Game Atlas

As Infinity Ward are recycling old maps, while expanding them into new and interesting maps – like Mordern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard being emerged in with the Ground War map: Zhokov Boneyard. I was half expecting this map to be from the mission from MW2s campaign, ‘The only easy day… was yesterday’, where you infiltrated a Russian occupied oil rig.

However, the map – which could have taken influence from the mission – is far from what I expected. To me, the play area seemed to mix up different elements from other Call of Duty titles like Black Ops 3, just without the wall-running. It runs with the standard three-lane structure that comes with any CoD map, left side, middle corridor and right side.

On the other hand, it does have plenty of areas where ambushing opportunities outweigh the need to run-and-gun. This comes from the form of overhead control rooms, open areas and the bridge in the middle – which can easily cost you your killstreak. So be aware, players who have pitched a tent (also known as ‘campers’) may wait around every corner.

Suldal Harbor

Credit: Game Atlas

Like the map above Suldal Harbor also runs with the standard, boring format of three lanes (left, middle, right). However, there is an aspect of this map which can be exploited to a certain degree – especially in domination modes, which is elevation. There are certain areas on the map, like the one pictured above, where you can gain the high ground.


In light of this, it is a fairly good map. It has contains areas which could be considered a ‘kill box’ – an area where you can effectively kill your opponent. Yet, for a shipment-like map, it has plenty of open areas where you can lose an opponent to gain the upper-hand to eliminate them.

However, I would advise caution in the middle of the map. There are only two ways you can progress into the other side, both place you inside of two separate kill boxes. Despite technically being in the same area, one side has two ways to transverse the environment as you can take a more exposed elevated route, or you could dash for overhead cover in an storage area.

Verdansk International Airport

Credit: Game Atlas

The new ground war map, like the others, is based on Warzone’s Verdansk map, just shrunk down to accommodate the space needed for 64 online players. This season will allow players to battle for domination of Verdansk’s Airport, where you will fight in the open spaces outside, pin enemies down in the car park and fight off your attackers inside the terminal.

In my opinion, this new addition to the ground war mode is a whole lot better than the Promenade map they brought out previously, which was a confined, claustrophobic mess. Where whoever had control of the ‘C’ flag, nine times out of 10, they controlled the match.

It provides the perfect mix of ground combat that players love in the Call of Duty franchise. However, without the ability for players to camp out onto the roof of the tall buildings on the outskirts of the map, it means you’re put in more close combat situations rather than trying to become pest control.


Credit: Gaming Intel

While Livestock is obviously bigger than Shipment and most likely a little smaller compared to the likes of Rust. This mosh pit map, which has taken influence from Arklov Peak – one of the first maps for Modern Warfare, definitely provides players with the arcade-like run-and-gun experience you would expect with a Call of Duty franchise.

Like any other map brought in by a team working on a CoD game, it still runs with a three-lane approach. However, like shipment, it forms a cross in the centre. This provides plenty of opportunities for players to catch their opponents off guard and regain a hardpoint or headquarters (if that is the designated mode).

Although I have only played objective based game modes on Livestock, it seems likely the chosen path for players will be circular in modes like team deathmatch. Essentially for those running around the outskirts of the map, picking off those who stray into the center building.

Warzone update

New maps aren’t the only items which have been brought in for the fifth season, Warzone has had it’s very own set of updates again – after the introduction to the bunkers.

The stadium is now open for all players to fight within, with the cash-pick up point directly in the middle. This, for Plunder, will leave players vulnerable if a nearby squad has is equipped with a helicopter to transverse the large open area. On the other hand, with the large barrier between the team inside and the remaining squads outside, it will produce a certain amount of security to ease the stress of dropping off money.

In addition, the train station is also getting a internal refurbishment after only tiny proportions of the area have an interior before the update – by tiny proportions, I mean a room or two.

Credit: Activision Gaming Blog

Although, I haven’t personally seen the new train trundling around the map, it is a nice addition to the mode this season. Honestly, I am half-expecting players to try and pull off some red dead redemption style train robberies with each other either in Warzone or Plunder. It’ll be a welcoming sight if the train actually flies through the station – or even briefly stops.

Lerch-ing into season five

The new operator available to the players this season is Lerch, the stocky one in the featured image. A character, that reminds me of Dave Bautista (Actor who plays Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy), who falls into the Allegiance forces as part of Shadow Company.

Those with keen hearing may have twitched when the words ‘Shadow Company’ were spoken by Lerch, I know mine did. Spanning back 11 years ago, to that horrible betrayal.

Credit: Mr Red Rivers

We lost two men in the blink of an eye, and the world just-

Sorry, I got a bit too carried away.

But, in the original Modern Warfare 2, Shadow Company were involved in the deaths of Task Force 141’s Gary ‘Roach’ Sanderson and Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, under the command of General Shepherd – MW2’s shocking antagonist. Shepherd was mentioned at the end of the Modern Warfare campaign. However, it remains unclear if he is a good guy or will resurface as one of the franchises villains in later installments.

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