President Donald Trump: A dictator in sheep’s clothing?

The President of the United States of America has one of the most powerful jobs in the entire world, as the commander-in-chief of one of the worlds largest superpowers. And, it’s currently in the hands of Donald Trump.

However, his term could come spiraling down to a halt on November 3, 2020 – if he was to lose his re-election – which would force the president to start closing shop, to make way for his successor.

Although it is unlikely the US will transgress into a dictatorship, there have been some red flags within Trump’s presidency which could indicate the rise of a dictatorship.

‘Fake news’

Trump’s hate towards the media isn’t something new. To be honest, it has provided me with nights of entertainment over the last four years while you watch the 74 year old bite and take a toddler’s tantrum.

However, the president has criticized and undermined the press over his first term in office with the iconic ‘fake news’ accusations – especially towards CNN and more recently, Fox News. When a news publication has held the POTUS accountable for an action – or inaction, the ‘fake news’ response would surely follow.

Unless it is something he has been shown in good light, he will not agree with journalism that is against him (even if it’s justifiable).

‘We should get a redo of four years’

In his recent ‘peaceful protest’ in Wisconsin, as a way to describe one of his presidential rallies – to mock the recent protests and riots in the US, Trump had suggested that he should get another third term if he was successful in his re-election.

Why? because his first presidential campaign, back in 2016, was allegedly spied on. Unfortunately for the American president, this would be unconstitutional as the 22nd amendment states that no one will be elected into the presidential office more than twice.

This amendment came after Franklin D. Roosevelt died in his fourth presidential term – which paved the way for Harry Truman. But, after a hypothetical second term, if Trump was allowed a third, how many terms will he take?

‘Fantastic chess players’

The phrase which is unknown to be a metaphor or a genuine compliment… is what Trump said when he described four dictators of the world, when he went to Wisconsin for a presidental rally – although he described it as a peaceful protest.

He mentioned four dictators. FOUR. President Vladimir Putin (Russia), President Xi Jinping (China), Kim Jong-Un (North Korea) and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkey).

It’s unknown why the president is fond of those leaders, especially since it was joked that the US would go to war with North Korea earlier this year. Maybe he admire’s their power, control or authority over a nation.

Election day

On November 3, American’s across the US will have two choices; re-elect Trump or elect the presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The president has clearly placed across his opinion on the suggestion of mail-in ballots over the last month, as he believed the election could become fraudulent with late voters or too many votes by a single person.

Regardless of the result, Trump will have one of two reactions:

A) Happy and smug

B) Furious and declaring the election to have been rigged

If it’s the latter, it will be interesting to watch the president’s response that would lead up to Biden’s inauguration. No doubt, he will go down fighting.

In these few examples, there is no doubt Trump has dictator tendencies. However, he would have Olympus Mons (Martian Volcano) to climb before America fell into a dictatorship – or at least we would hope.

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