Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen: Who will secure a world title first?

Credit: Pinterest

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen are two fantastic racing drivers, with world championship potential, but who will win a world drivers championship first?

The world drivers championship. The dream. The glory. The target which all 20 drivers on the grid in Formula One aim to achieve. It seems like a matter of time before Leclerc or Verstappen get their name added to the list of world champions in the pinnacle of Motorsport.

However, at the moment the young Ferrari Monegasque has been plagued with performance issues all season. With the outlook that the Italian outfit will not be a competitive side until 2022. So, it seems that the world championship is swaying towards the Dutch Red Bull driver.

But, there is a colossal barrier in their way: Lewis Hamilton.

The six-time world champion, on a hot streak of WDC’s, is currently heading to his seventh world title to equal the all-time record holder, Michael Schumacher. With no sight of slowing down, it looks like Verstappen and Leclerc will have to wait until the British Mercedes driver retires or the Silver Arrows hit a devastating blow to their cars development to even stand a chance of getting a title any time soon.

Putting Mercedes and Hamilton’s dominance to one side, if both Red Bull and Ferrari had championship-winning cars, it would be tough to accurately decide who would win the championship first.

In their own rights, they are both exceptional racing drivers and world championship material. But, they both have their own unique strengths.

Leclerc, back in 2018 when he drove for Sauber (now Alfa Romeo), was able to get every inch of performance out of his under-performing car, with consistency. Unlike his, then, teammate Marcus Ericsson. Which may have been a pivotal factor to why Ferrari favoured the young driver.

On the other hand, Verstappen is an excellent all-round driver – wet or dry, nothing has seemed to phase the young Dutchman. His ability behind the wheel has been highlighted through his career, favourably when he finished third in the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix. On lap 31, he overtook Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes on the outside of turn three, after the Senna S when he took a wider line than the German. But, unfortunately lost the position later on in the lap as he saved himself from a collision with the barrier, before the pit lane.

However, due to Ferrari’s current performance and the work that is needed to correct the Italian outfits problem(s), it seems likely Verstappen will be able to secure a world title before his Monegasque rival.

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