Will Red Bull claw into the Mercedes lead at the Belgian Grand Prix?

Mercedes are leading in both championships with 221 points in the constructors and 132 points with Lewis Hamilton in the Drivers Standings, can Red Bull crawl back this weekend?

There is no hiding the fact: Red Bull are the only team which can truly compete against Mercedes, in the constructors championship. Ferrari, who would have been likely contenders, have had an under-performing car all season – despite Charles Leclerc being able to get every single inch of performance out of it, like he did with Sauber in 2018.

However, it is set to be a wet weekend at Spa-Francorchamps. In terms of performance, this may hinder those in the grid for Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s race. But, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have shown their excellence in the wet conditions of the years.

The powertrain suited track may be the Achilles heel for the Silver Arrows this weekend – especially in the wet conditions, as they have lacked straight line speed over the years.

Last season, on another power suited track in dry conditions, Verstappen was able to catch up and overtake both Ferrari’s on the Red Bull Ring in the last stage of the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix. If Verstappen was set to start behind the Silver Arrow duo, and was able to recreate last year’s performance, it could be the crushing blow to Mercedes’ race this weekend.

It seems almost certain that both Verstappen and Hamilton will secure a podium position this weekend, given their performances in Brazil (2016 – Verstappen) and Austria’s qualifying (2020 – Hamilton). Depending on unforeseen circumstances (crashes, red flags etc.).

It will depend on the day to decide who will come out victorious. For this, it wouldn’t be surprising if Mercedes were able to keep the Milton Keynes outfit at bay. Likewise, if Verstappen was able to secure a victory to put a small dint into Hamilton’s and Mercedes’ lead.

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