Three Movies similar to The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt stars in Amazon Prime’s original movie, The Tomorrow War, a movie based around an alien invasion 29 years in the future.

In 2022, Dan Forester (Pratt) is forced to rely on his past experiences as a former special forces solider in the US Military to fight off a Alien invasion. As soliders land on a football pitch, during next years 2022 World Cup, Forester is sent to the future to battle in a future war as Mankind is losing the fight.

While the movie is a good watch, if you have two hours to spare, here are some other movies that provide the same amount of energy as The Tomorrow War

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Credit: Wikipedia

Unlike The Tomorrow War, Battle Los Angeles puts the audience straight into the action as the US military attempts to hold off an invading force on the country’s west coast. Based in the obvious location of Los Angeles, it follows a group of US army soilders who land in the war-torn suburbs, led by 2nd Lt. William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez).

Critics and fans-a-like describe the movie like Black Hawk Down (2001) but with Aliens to give a close-to-real experience if an Alien invasion occured tomorrow.

However, it was poorly recieved.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it was given 36% on Rotten Tomatoes‘ ‘Tomatometer’ and a less-than-optimal audience score of 48%.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Credit: Wikipedia

Starring Tom Cruise, the late Bill Paxton and Emily Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow is a hybrid between Groundhog Day and Battle Los Angeles.

Similar to Battle LA, Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi movie that takes place in the middle of a war, as Mankind fights against an alien force. As per, Humanity is losing.

However, Major William Cage (Cruise) finds himself in a rather difficult proposition: everytime he dies, the day restarts – like reloading at a recent checkpoint in the latest Call of Duty. Cage teams up with Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) to find a way to stop and defeat the alien invasion.

It has been greatly recieved by fans and critics as it was rated 91% on the tomatometer and it was given an audience score of 90%.

Oblivion (2013)

Credit: Wikimedia

Another sci-fi movie that stars Cruise. Oblivion takes place in a post-apocalyptic world as the Earth lays in ruins, and the Moon destroyed, after a war with an alien species known as Scavengers.

Based around a drone repairman, Jack Harper (Cruise) patrols the skies above the planet as machines deplete the world of its resources. He believes himself and his companion, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are the only two souls left on Earth.

As his job nears completion, ready to join the rest of those on earth on Saturns moon, Titan, his whole existence is thrown into jeopardy as he recovers a functioning lifepod with another Human inside.

Unlike Cruise’s sci-fi successor, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion didn’t recieve a similar reception from critics. It was given 53% on the tomatometer and an okay audience score of 61%.

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