A Year Fasting: Correcting a Mistake

Likely brought on by the Coronavirus lockdowns, my own relationship and personal health issues, 2020 was a very unhealthy year for me, gaining at the very least three stone in the process. I believe it’s about time I attempt to correct that mistake.

My body weight has always been a personal issue. Fortunately, in my teenage years, I was able to grow into my own weight. However, looking back I looked rather unhealthy as a skinny person. Example below.

Eating my favourite sweets, Skittles, while looking like I could melt into the couch and there would be no difference to this image.

Soon, the weight started to pile back on and I began to look, in my eyes, healthier.

Fast forward to 2020, to cope with my own personal issues, I opted for things I probably shouldn’t have such as frequent takeaways from my local pizza cuisines. Frequently ordering a medium/large Kebab Pasty Pizza which was, essentially, a kebab calzone with a garlic and chilli base. Lush.

This week, on Tuesday August 24, 2021, I decided to return to intermittent fasting which was something I practiced for a brief time last year.

At 22 and a half stone, at my most recent weigh in (this morning), I will be opting for a 19:5 ratio which means 19 hours of my day will be fasting and I will only be allowed a five-hour eating window.

I know this year long challenge will be a hard one to keep up, mixed in with morning workout routines and gym sessions. However, with sheer willpower and motivation I should be able to complete this personal challenge.

Using an app called Simple, which is accesible on both Android and Apple devices, I can easily track my eating and fasting windows (shown in the instagram above). While at the same time, it showcases what my body status should be such as fat burning and autophagy etc.

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between two different phases, eating and fasting. While it doesn’t control what you can eat – giving you free range to have whatever you want, it gives you a time frame in which you should eat.

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