Formula 3 Sprint Race: Lorenzo Colombo wins comfortably on a rain-soaked Spa-Francorchamps

Campos Racing driver, Lorenzo Colombo went on to win his first Formula Three race in a drenched sprint race on Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps as he crossed the line with a 13-second lead.

After three formation laps, the race start procedure was suspended because of the rain that soaked the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. However, the weather did lighten up which provided the potential for Formula Three to get their first sprint race of the weekend underway.

The race was able to get underway behind the safety car. After the third lap, the safety car finally trundled back into the pit lane and the pack were led by Campos driver, Lorenzo Colombo. Despite the bad weather, it was a well behaved start from all the drivers as the pack ventured around the first corner, La Source.

Ido Cohen, Calin Buzz Racing, became the first driver to retire from the race as he ventured back to the pit lane and disembarked from his F3 car. On the other hand, Colombo had checked out in the lead of the race as he had pushed out a five-second gap from, second place, Hitech driver, Jak Crawford as the race crossed onto its seventh lap.

Rafael Villagomez, HWA Racelab, brought out a yellow flag in the second sector of Spa as the Mexican driver had made contact with the barrier. It took some time but Villagomez was able to get his car back onto the track before allowing the race to back to full green-flag running.

On the 13th lap, Johnathan Hoggard, Jenzer, and David Schumacher, Trident, went side by side as the duo went up Eau Rogue in tricky conditions, with Schumacher on the inside and Hoggard on the outside. Despite the treacherous conditions, Hoggart managed to keep his car gripped to the tarmac to take the position off Schumacher.

However, blasting up the rear, MP Motorsport’s Caio Collet had left the race track at the top of Eau Rogue to avoid the squabbling pair and overtook Schumacher. Despite his ability to keep his car out of the wall, he used the powerful slipstream along the Kemmel Straight to overtake Hoggard on the outside of Les Combes (Turn 5).

As a result Collet recieved a five-second time penalty for leaving the race track and gaining and advantage. Despite this, Colombo crossed the finish line with a 13-second lead ahead of, second place, Crawford.

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