Coronavirus & the economy: Groundhog Day

Sunderland and Newcastle residents have flocked to the city centres this week to spend money as the Government allow shops to reopen to slow down the falling economy.  After months of being told to stay at home by the British Government, we have been given more freedom as high street stores reopen to the generalContinue reading “Coronavirus & the economy: Groundhog Day”

Manchester City 3 vs Arsenal 0

Manchester City win their home game in a 3-0 victory over Arsenal as they try to hold onto a dying title fight against, league runaways, Liverpool FC. 47′ Man City striker, Raheem Sterling, was the first to break the deadlock after a mistake made by Arsenal’s David Luiz. 48′ Arsenal went down to 10 men,Continue reading “Manchester City 3 vs Arsenal 0”

Sheffield United 0 vs Aston Villa 0

Technology blunder as Sheffield United are declined a goal due to technical problems, leaving them with a draw as the Premier League gets back underway. Aston Villa secured a draw by the skin of their teeth as a Sheffield United goal was ruled out due to a technology problem in the first half. Project RestartContinue reading “Sheffield United 0 vs Aston Villa 0”

Sheffield United – Against all odds

The premier league is set to return this week but one team has gone against all odds and predictions this season – Sheffield United. When a team is promoted into the Premier League from the Championship, you would likely think they have to face a season-long relegation battle to survive inside the top-tier of EnglishContinue reading “Sheffield United – Against all odds”

George Russell secures the unoffical formula one Esports championship

George Russell secured his fourth consecutive virtual Grand Prix to secure the unofficial Formula one championship in a dominating performance. Russell flew off the starting line after lights out, going into the first corner with no issues with the following carnage. Mixed strategies regarding the virtual Canadian GP, two-stop for drivers on soft compound tyresContinue reading “George Russell secures the unoffical formula one Esports championship”

Opinion: NUFC takeover or Christmas – which one will come first?

A Saudi-based consortium, led by Amanda Staveley, has been in the process of taking over Newcastle United for some time now but there still hasn’t been a successful takeover. Fans of Newcastle United have been keen to see the back of Mike Ashley after 13, grueling, years controlling their club. In the back end ofContinue reading “Opinion: NUFC takeover or Christmas – which one will come first?”

Opinion: Newcastle United – a Star Wars-esque story

Newcastle United fans are hopeful a takeover will be successful this week, but the whole ordeal reminds me of one the greatest sci-fi movie franchises: Star Wars. In 2007, British billionaire, Mike Ashley bought a 41.6% share of the club from Sir John Hall as he launched his £133m takeover bid of Newcastle United. LikeContinue reading “Opinion: Newcastle United – a Star Wars-esque story”

Opinion: F1 2020 tracks that would feel like a normal season

Formula One, faced a sudden halt days away from their annual season opener in Australia soon after a member of the McLaren team tested positive for Coronavirus. As more tracks progressed onto a list of either cancellations or postponements, there is still a way for the FIA and F1 to validate a successful world championshipContinue reading “Opinion: F1 2020 tracks that would feel like a normal season”

Sports unite in light of George Floyd tragedy

The murder of George Floyd has sparked outrage across the world, prompting riots in the United States of America. Mr. Floyd was the unfortunate victim of a needless and avoidable death, after the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin was recorded kneeling down on the victims neck. He was then later arrested and charged with third-degreeContinue reading “Sports unite in light of George Floyd tragedy”

EIHA release document for sports return to 2020/21 season

The English Ice Hockey Association have released a document stating the sports plan for the 2020/21 season, if the Coronavirus pandemic is still spreading at the season restart. As a way for the fans and teams to prepare for the upcoming season, the EIHA have released a plan with five phases for the sport toContinue reading “EIHA release document for sports return to 2020/21 season”