Opinion: Should universities move to remote-only teaching until COVID-19 is cleared?

THE Government’s guidance regarding the Coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of chaotic.  As the guidelines changed, even Government ministers and the Prime Minister himself started to get confused, with the PM publicly admitting he ‘misspoke.’ Businesses which want to stay open have had to bring in protection and procedures against Covid. But this isn’tContinue reading “Opinion: Should universities move to remote-only teaching until COVID-19 is cleared?”

President Donald Trump: A dictator in sheep’s clothing?

The President of the United States of America has one of the most powerful jobs in the entire world, as the commander-in-chief of one of the worlds largest superpowers. And, it’s currently in the hands of Donald Trump. However, his term could come spiraling down to a halt on November 3, 2020 – if heContinue reading “President Donald Trump: A dictator in sheep’s clothing?”

Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter: The flaw of the human race

The uproar which transpired from the death of George Floyd, has caused individuals to protest online to counter the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement with ‘All Lives Matter.’ The mistreatment of those with a different skin colour has always been a issue and, unfortunately, it is something we are going to have to phase out ourselvesContinue reading “Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter: The flaw of the human race”

Opinion: Boris Johnson – A questionable leadership

For a while now, I have tried to reason with Boris Johnson’s plan as the government tries to get the country back to normality – albeit with restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I feel like I can no longer stand by quietly. At first, his plan seemed reasonable. Slowly open up the countryContinue reading “Opinion: Boris Johnson – A questionable leadership”

Opinion: NUFC takeover or Christmas – which one will come first?

A Saudi-based consortium, led by Amanda Staveley, has been in the process of taking over Newcastle United for some time now but there still hasn’t been a successful takeover. Fans of Newcastle United have been keen to see the back of Mike Ashley after 13, grueling, years controlling their club. In the back end ofContinue reading “Opinion: NUFC takeover or Christmas – which one will come first?”

Opinion: Newcastle United – a Star Wars-esque story

Newcastle United fans are hopeful a takeover will be successful this week, but the whole ordeal reminds me of one the greatest sci-fi movie franchises: Star Wars. In 2007, British billionaire, Mike Ashley bought a 41.6% share of the club from Sir John Hall as he launched his £133m takeover bid of Newcastle United. LikeContinue reading “Opinion: Newcastle United – a Star Wars-esque story”

Sports unite in light of George Floyd tragedy

The murder of George Floyd has sparked outrage across the world, prompting riots in the United States of America. Mr. Floyd was the unfortunate victim of a needless and avoidable death, after the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin was recorded kneeling down on the victims neck. He was then later arrested and charged with third-degreeContinue reading “Sports unite in light of George Floyd tragedy”